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Shia LeBeouf Arrested

Shia LeBeouf Arrested

Shia LeBeouf Arrested Shia LaBeouf has been arrested in Los Angeles for suspected drink driving after crashing his truck in a serious accident. The star of Transformers and.

By sorare on September 9, 2009 2:57 PM. I agree, NO James sad! I always wondered what happened to Roger Barnes after Fox was arrested. I guess we still will never know if he got caught in the scandal or not. ...

Shia attained a bad boy image by getting arrested*, which made people think he was tough and could act opposite giant f’ing robots. *-Was arrested for Trespassing on a Walgreens. He just needed his fox of “As Seen on TV” products. ...

Shia LaBeouf revealed that he has trouble stopping after one alcoholic beverage.

Transformers star Shia LaBeouf gets arrested for an DUI in Hollywood and rushed to the hostpital and undergoes surgery. Britney Spears celebrating her divorce settlement with Kevin Federline in Cab. . .

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